Sponsor Partners

We at Society3 believe that entrepreneurs are the key engine for any prosperity. To support as many innovative entrepreneurs as possible, we all need to work together. The Society3 Partner Programs are build to maximize the success rate of innovative startups.

Sponsor Partner Program

We are working with sponsors in different capacities. We are providing event focused sponsorship opportunities or sponsorship opportunities to get in touch with innovative startups.


  • Event Sponsorship: Our events attract between 80 to 300 attendees based on the location
  • Accelerator Sponsorship: We are running multiple Accelerator Flights per year
  • We work primarily with startups from tech and tech related space incl. FinTech, AgTech, AI...
  • Our website traffic is rapidly growing
  • Our social media outreach and buzz is one of the strongest in the startup space


  • Sponsor Partners who are interested in sponsoring our accelerator programs
  • Event sponsors helping finance our events
  • Creative sponsors participating in any of our activities

Become a Society3 Sponsor Partner

Please register and select what kind of partner ship you are interested in. We will be in touch shortly.

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