Event Partners

We at Society3 believe that entrepreneurs are the key engine for any prosperity. To support as many innovative entrepreneurs as possible, we all need to work together. The Society3 Partner Programs are build to maximize the success rate of innovative startups.

Event Partner Program

We are working with startup and entrepreneurship event organizers such as regional or national startup groups as well as meetup groups and simmilar groups or associations. While we are co-hosting events with event partners, our primary interest is in scaling our entrepreneurs support and providing that support to others.


  • Our global entrepreneurs ecosystem is over 5,000 strong and growing every month
  • We help co-hosting events without asking for sharing any sponsorship or other income
  • Our fundrasing capabilities provide a unique added value to our event partners as they can offer it too
  • The Society3 marketing tools such as Buzz are available to partners for free
  • We provide various kinds of sponsorship support


  • Event Partners with a highly active entrepreneurs eco system
  • A likeminded spirit in which we want to help entrepreneurs grow across the globe
  • Creative ways to jointly develop innovative entrepreneurship in the various regions
  • Reasonable reciprocal exposure on websites and other online properties
  • Joint marketing development engagement

Become a Society3 Event Partner

Please register and select what kind of partner ship you are interested. We will be in touch shortly.

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