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Society3-theme-logo-Community-200 We started in April 2014 with our first Entrepreneurs Night in San Francisco. Today we have 5,000 entrepreneurs attending our events in:

and soon in Singapore. We had individual conversations with over 1,000 entrepreneurs and investors when networking and chatting after those events gave us an amazing insight in the needs and challenges of today’s startup world. We also gained a much deeper understanding where the technology trends are and what kind of products we will see in the next 5 to 10 years.
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Over 400 startups from 31 countries presented at our events so far
From over 250 applicants, more than 100 startups were selected to present their vision, innovations, and market segments they go after. We saw teams with unbreakable willpower to lead demonstrating a level of innovation that was unheard of just 10 years ago. The increase in innovative ideas that are getting now into the market are coming from both sides of the Atlantic. Presenters at our Startup Nights have been mainly from the US but also from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Finland, France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and UK.
The winners from the Startup Night competitions in the first six months of 2014:

flipcause.com/ | get-flux.com | roost.com | sotrender.com | nagualsounds.com

talktochef.com | mapistry.com/ | myhealthsphere.ca | tobyrich.com | moid.de

Thanks again for an amazing job.


Event Speakers & Judges
We are also super excited that we were able to attract amazing speaker and jury board members including:
Founder & CEO Scoop.IT – Guillaume Decugis, Derek Henninger, VP Engineering TypeSafe, Global brand expert Martyn Anstey as well as VCs, business angels, mentors and lawyers on the judges board and helping startups with the insights they need: Archibald Horlitz , Bob Fernander, Dayle Bowen, Dieter Kondek, Eric Milliken, George Parrish, Julian Riedlbauer, Manny Fernandez, Martyn Anstey, Martin Kremser, Matthias Ockenfels, Robert Hernandez, Waldemar Jantz, and Sylvain Theveniaud.

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Thank You
A big THANK YOU to all the supporter, helping hands, speakers and sponsors and most importantly to an awesome community of entrepreneurs who help make it happen.
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